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Board Support Software

Complete Software Solutions That Make Embedded Easy


embeddedTS's embedded computers have been carefully engineered to provide customers with not only robust hardware, but also optimized software to go along with it. Our engineers are experts in massaging the preloaded OS for the embedded world, including low-level kernel modifications, driver development, distribution packaging, and example code all with no additional cost. All of this so that our customers can concentrate on developing their end product in record time.

Solutions and Beyond
  • Optimized software preloaded and updated at no additional cost
  • Out-of-the-box functionality
  • Developer friendly cross compilers and instruction available
  • Peripheral drivers and/or example code for every feature included
  • Regular bug fix and feature updates are available for the latest kernels
  • Get support directly from our engineering team

A Solid Foundation. From which to build upon.

Each of our embedded systems go through meticulous bring-up processes to ensure an optimized software base.  This includes hardware and software working in tandem to provide the fastest boot times and efficient resource utilization (memory and storage).  From the boot loader through kernel interface drivers, everything has been taken care of and preloaded, so that our customers can build successful software for their project.

Simple Development Process. Develop software on-board or from a workstation.

embeddedTS provides the toolchains you need to cross-compile software using your preferred development process.  We also preload our embedded systems with the build essentials so that you can develop directly on the board.  Whatever your development process may be, examples, instructions, and Git and FTP code repositories are all documented in the product manuals to get you started on the right foot.

Familiar Software Environment Feel right at home.

Developing on board will be familiar to those who work in the command line.  For example, the same Linux distribution environments you find on desktop computers are found on our embedded systems.  That is to say you can use utilities like ‘apt-get’ to install any of the available 20k+ packages.  You can also reach for your favorite programming language such as Python, C/C++, C#, PHP, Node.js, etc., and begin developing.  We embrace open source software so our customers can rely on a  strong, online community to bring their unique applications to our embedded computers.

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Both Frozen and Proactive Software. Catering to both change sensitive and bleeding edge customers.

We understand that industrial customers are very sensitive to software version changes and updates since they can be expensive and cause delays for products in the field. However, we also want to support our customers who need to roll out security patches or simply want the latest software versions. That is why our policy is to freeze the shipping software at the time a product is released, even while we continue to develop the software available for the product. Check out our user manuals and code repositories to find the latest feature enhancements and operating system updates. Of course, no software is perfect, so when our feature enhancements lead to the discovery and fix for major bugs we will be sure to carefully update shipping images with those critical fixes and update you through our Product Communication System (PCS).

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Software design. OS and app porting, custom kernel drivers, and FPGA cores.

We believe hardware engineers make the best embedded software engineers, because optimized, stable, low-level code comes from a deep understanding of bare metal hardware. If programming is involved, our professional services can turn out a solution quicker and at a lower cost than in-house engineering.

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