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Headquarters Facility Tour


embeddedTS's Arizona headquarters building was built in 2008 in the lovely Sonoran Desert of Fountain Hills, Arizona. The 12,000 sq. ft. structure houses our warehouse and a large production area for the final test and assembly of our 1,000+ unique product part numbers. If you are going to be in the Phoenix area, please contact us to schedule a personal tour. We love to meet our customers.


Entering the building, the first stop is in reception, with a grand staircase to a conference room and additional offices. Straight ahead is our ISO-9001 quality certification proudly displayed. The production of our products start at the front of the building as well with offices for several teams including our buyers who are responsible for ordering materials and components from authorized distribution channels and other qualified suppliers. The order entry and production planning teams also have offices in this space, allowing for close teamwork.


A large common area with surrounding offices make up our engineering department. We've affectionately named this collaborative space the "Think Tank" and it's where most engineering discussions take place for new products and product improvements. Product engineering, design, and technical support all take place within this space. When you contact our support team, you'll be talking to one of the design engineers.

Engineering Technician and Process Engineering Offices

Around the corner towards the back side of the common area, you'll find our engineering technician and process engineering teams. They are all situated between engineering and production on purpose for efficient flow of communication for board quality, testing, alternate part selection, qualification, board bring up, and debugging. Production processes are fully documented and finalized by these skilled engineers.

Supporting our engineering and warranty work is our hardware lab. All technicians are IPC J-STD-001 and IPC-A-610 certified, and have the proper tools needed to handle any failure efficiently and effectively.


Continuing through the hallway past the technician and process engineering teams is our warehouse. It's stocked with a three month rolling inventory for both components to build any of the thousand plus unique products and our most commonly shipped finished goods all while maintaining the ISO-9001 quality guidelines.

Our shipping department is also located here. All orders are packaged and shipped and all received orders are inspected.

Production Floor and Product Testing

Our production team handles orders anywhere from one to several thousand pieces with skill. Every product is programmed with a fully functional board support package and then run thru its paces on our room temperature burn-in rack. Products are subjected to hours of cpu/memory intensive testing to ensure successful deployments in the field.

Our IPC certified production technicians functionally test every single product we ship, following documented procedures using regularly audited all test kits.

Stations for mechanical assembly for finished products for large orders are also set up throughout this space, allowing us to supply our customers with enclosures and display solutions.

Finishing the Tour

Walking full circle through the building, we return to reception. The key takeaway from the tour is that we are a fully capable business headquartered in the USA with a capable team who pride themselves on delivering the best quality product possible. With processes that comply to the ISO 9001 standards we are able to provide consistent product you can rely on, our size and integration between our teams allows us to quickly customize solutions for our customers or evolve with your deployment from prototype all the way to full volume production. We are ready for your business and look forward to working with you on your next product.

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