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Engineering Sample Program

The embeddedTS Engineering Sampling program enables our customers to have early access to our latest innovations, accelerates their time to market, and provides a channel for our customers to request technical support and design improvements directly to our engineering team. Contact the sales team to request to join the program, or send in your order and the sales team will reach out to you and walk you thru the program requirements. The product may require board spins or other engineering changes during sampling program before becoming a production unit, but embeddedTS will contact you directly about these continuous development and software release activities and will help you thru any transitions.

Engineering Sample availability is limited and participation in the program is monitored. We love to work with a wide variety of customers during this time period so if you have interest please contact us to register and participate.

Benefits to Customers

  • Better technical support for your needs
  • Closer collaboration with our engineers
  • Opportunity to include your required product features
  • Faster time to market for your application
  • Competitive advantage using latest innovations
  • Ordering priority at official product release

Who can participate?

We welcome many different customers and applications into our sampling program. There is a small screening process to ensure that the product is a good fit for the Engineering Sampling participants. We will also provide a registration agreement to all participants that outlines the details of the program.

How do I register?

Either place an order for an Engineering Sample or contact us about the program.

How many units can I buy?

In general we recommend customers purchase Engineering Sampling products for development units in smaller quantities, but the exact quantity will vary depending upon the requirements of an individual project and the current status of the design. In fact, some cases we are able to support some volume production during the Sampling Program.

Will I be notified about changes?

The hardware and software will be subject to regular revision while we finish testing and finalize the product design. We will notify participants of the Sampling Program of changes as we become aware of them. We also welcome customer requests for changes that would help your product development. We review all requests closely for integration into any pending revisions.

What if I need to upgrade the unit?

We understand that our customers are making an investment in our future when they purchase Engineering Sampling units. As such, we will work with customers to upgrade the hardware they purchase as a part of the Sampling Program to function like the final production units. There will be a limited number of units per customer that we can rework, or possibly replace if needed. Additional arrangements can be made with individual customers for extended support, but restocking or other fees may apply. We will support this offer through the first three months after we announce the production release of the product, and can support some requests beyond that time frame but again restocking or other fees may apply.

Contact us if you'd like to participate.

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